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Blackford Brewery Co. was established in 2014 to provide exceptional Scottish beer to an under-served North American beer market. The Blackford Brewery is located in Toronto, Canada and is based upon the beer of my great, great-grandfather who opened the W.B. Thomson Brewery in Blackford, Scotland in 1851.

Blackford (Scottish Gaelic: Srath Gaoithe) is located between Perth and Stirling in Scotland, and is approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) from the town of Auchterarder. There is an excellent supply of fresh water in Blackford and a generous supply of good quality, locally produced malting barley, which historically led to a thriving beer and whiskey business.

In the 15th century Blackford became a popular stopping place and is credited as the home of Scotland's first public brewery. It is said that James VII of Scotland even stopped in Blackford to sample their ale while returning from his coronation in 1488 - he reportedly paid 12 Scots shillings for a barrel of ale!

The Blackford Brewery in Toronto uses the same traditional methods and high quality, locally produced, ingredients as my forefathers used in Scotland. We are proud to be continuing the family beer business and look forward to serving you soon!

Please check back soon.
Blackford Brewing Co.